Blunt Gorilla Agency.

Purpose drives Progress.

Our Purpose.

The original Blunt Gorilla

The nuclear DNA of a Gorilla is almost identical to that of a human. But that tiny portion of unshared DNA is what differentiates us. It’s what gave us our bipedal stance on morality and the ability to send people to space. Although far evolved from the great ape lineage, this truth embodies the fundamentals in who we are at our very core.

To us, the Gorilla does not compromise on truth. It does not comply to the status quo, nor does it follow the rules those before have set. It asks us to question the root of an idea, and consequently, stand behind it with full conviction.

Our Process.

Comfortable in Chaos

For an idea or a concept to succeed, it must know it’s primordial truth. It must know it’s why. This blueprint enables us to navigate the paradigms of who you are and what you stand for.

As a collective, we operate by finding the animus of an idea and manifesting it with design, conception, and configuration. With an inbuilt production company at our arsenal, our work is determined by a hybrid, collaborative core unit that is mobile, able to adapt easily, and comfortable in chaos.

Our Services.

We are a multi-disciplinary creative collective of filmmakers, storytellers and advertisers with an endless list of collaborators, ensuring you always have the right people working with your brand.


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