Night At The Great Barrier Reef

Airbnb & Disney

Airbnb created a unique Night At experience at the Great Barrier Reef in collaboration with Disney’s Finding Dory. 

The assets we produced were used on Airbnb owned channels, social media and earned media.


—  4x Films
—  15x Disney Trailers
—  10x Animated GIFs
—  B-Roll for Media
—  Re-touched Images


Pascals Story

Pascal Dattler has been called the Mowgli of the Sea and a modern day Huck Finn, but really he’s a kid who’s spent most of his childhood on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Pascal, together with his family hosted the night and shared what it’s like to live on the Great Barrier Reef.


The Winners Story

Marta Miguel and David Hernandez won the competition. Here’s their story.

Finding Dory Trailer

Disney’s Finding Dory Trailer integrated with Night At footage.

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